You and your Teeth



  • to smile with.  They are one of the first things people see when they meet you.
  • they allow you to bite into your food


  • they are big wide important teeth for chewing your food
  • they protect your front teeth.  Your front teeth are narrow and smaller and by using your back teeth for chewing you protect your front teeth from premature excessive wear and tear. 


  • they hold all your teeth in place
  • people with healthy gums tend to also have a healthier smile and healthier teeth
  • new scientific research is suggesting that having healthy gums may help you have a healthier heart too.

By taking good care of your gums and teeth you will:

  • save yourself valuable time and money 
  • have a healthier happier life

Your natural teeth are cheaper and simpler to keep than artificial ones and much more resistant to gum disease than a dental implant which costs from £2500 per restored implant.

Looking after your teeth and gums:

Regular dental check ups for you and your family 

  • if your family adopts healthier options in life it will help all of you
  • even if your child or grandchild has not got any teeth yet - take them to the dentist - it is better to get acclimatised to healthy tooth brushing routines and trips to the dentist sooner rather than later - prevention is better than a cure ! 
  • Your dentist can advise you on how you can keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Do not smoke.  If you do then stop and DO NOT START again ever !

  • smoking puts you and those around you at higher risk of cancer 
  • smoking also puts you at high risk for gum disease, bad breath and loss of teeth
  • smoking reduces the elasticity of your skin causing premature ageing of your face and lips

Brush your teeth + gums 2 times a day 

  • a rechargeable electric toothbrush (not a battery powered toothbrush) with a 30 second timer and a small round head has been shown to be much more effective than a manual toothbrush.
  • use a toothpaste with fluoride in it (almost all do nowadays)
  • your dentist, hygienist or therapist will be able to advise and show you how to brush the most effectively. 

Clean between your teeth 1-2 times daily

  • as we get older we get “long in the tooth” which used to be taken as a sign of wisdom.  Our gums do drop down to some extent as we get older and this can create hiding spaces between our teeth for bugs that cause gum disease, bleeding gums and holes in our teeth.  As these spaces are in between our teeth they can be difficult to check and sometimes it can be too late before problems are picked up.  So it is very important to clean between your teeth every day.  
  • your dentist, hygienist or therapist will be able to advise and show you how to do this most effectively.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

  • Fizzy drinks soften your teeth and can make them sensitive - even if they are “diet” or “sugar free”.  Avoid them or maybe only consider them for a rare treat only. © 2010

Updated 16 May 2020